Financial Counselor

Title: Financial Counselor

Department: Finance

Type: Full Time

Location: Dallas, TX

Job Details:

Financial Counselor at Pine Creek Medical Center

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Pine Creek Medical Center

The Position: Financial Counselor

The Coordinator assesses patient financial responsibility, determines ability to pay, advises patients on insurance benefits, explains financial liability, collects payment, negotiates payment arrangements, identifies possible funding resources and resolves any questions the patient may have about their financial obligations to the facilities.  The Financial Counselor interfaces with the Benefit verification and registrations staffs to obtain the information needed to carry out the defined job functionality, and to be available to any and all patients in need of the services they would provide. The Financial Counselor maintains detailed logs of complaints, planned actions for resolutions and actual outcomes.


  • High School diploma (or equivalent) required. Associates degree preferred.
  • Two to three years’ Insurance Verification and Benefit Calculation.  Two to three years’ customer service experience in a hospital setting preferred.
  • Must display a positive attitude.
  • Ability to work both in a team environment and independently, be attentive to detail and exercise creativity.
  • Basic typing and keyboarding experience.  Familiarity with computers and other office equipment.
  • Ability to prioritize responsibilities.  Ability to multi-task efficiently and effectively.  
  • Demonstrate effective verbal, non-verbal and written communication skills.
  • Medical terminology CPT and ICD-10 knowledge – calculation of patient financial responsibility required.
  • Ability to manage multiple and simultaneous responsibilities and to prioritize duties/tasks.
  • Ability to initiate communication with patients and others.
  • Must have excellent customer service and communication skills with the ability to effectively calm patients and be able to deal with distressed and/or agitated patients and their families.
  • Must have a professional demeanor and excellent public relations skills.
  • Willingness to develop their knowledge of medical insurances (Medicare, PPOs, commercial, etc.), EMTALA regulations, hospital billing and collection process.
  • Must have excellent written skills.
  • Must be organized and able to document in detail
  • Must be dependable and on time.
  • Meditech proficiency preferred.


  • Medical/Dental/Vision insurance coverage
  • Short-Term, Long-Term Disability coverage
  • 401k Retirement Plan with immediate vesting of the matching amounts
  • Paid Time Off

About Pine Creek Medical Center

Dignity | Compassion | Excellence | Integrity

Pine Creek Medical Center strives to be a leader in delivering the highest quality healthcare through exemplary services to the exclusive benefit of our patients, their families and the communities that we serve. Pine Creek Medical Center is a private, physician-owned hospital serving more than 3 million people in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding counties. The hospital was conceived in 2003 by many physicians seeking to improve health care in the area and built in 2005, as a short-stay hospital that is thoroughly state-of-the-art.

Pine Creek Medical Center has incorporated advanced operating room technology into the hospital in a relaxing spa-like environment. The hospital is equipped with the latest in state-of-the-art surgical imaging and surgical environment control technology. With a sophisticated environment, highly trained staff and advanced technology doctors are able to make each patient the top priority of the day.

Pine Creek Medical Center is accredited with the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, is Medicare certified, and is accredited by the International Medical Tourism Board.

Pine Creek Medical Center is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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