Pine Creek Medical Center Videos

CEO Dan Gideon Describes the CNO Opportunities at Pine Creek Medical Center

Abigail, RN Talks About Self-scheduling and the Three Day Work Week at PCMC's Med/Surg Unit

Abigail, RN Talks About The Typical Patient Profile at PCMC's Med/Surg Unit

Video Clip: The Flexible Weekend Schedule at PCMC's Med/Surg Unit

Abagail, RN, Describes a Typical Day in the Med-Surg Unit at PCMC

Abagail, RN, Describes The 3:1 Patient-Nurse Ratio at PCMC

Stacey, RN, Talks About Why She Enjoys Working at PCMC

A Typical Day in the OR Department | Stacey, OR Staff Nurse

The Diverse yet Close-Knit OR Department at PCMC

The OR Department at PCMC | Twyla Jackson, RN, BSN, CNOR

Kelsi Corrales Pine Creek PACU PreOp 2

Kelsi, RN, Describes Why She Enjoys Working at PCMC

Pre-Op & PACU Director Jim Talks About the Nursing Roles at PCMC

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